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Ver Americons

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The year is 2007 and twenty percent of the state of California is employed in real estate. Mortgage banks are on a hiring frenzy when hotshot Mortgage Broker, Devin Weiss lures the financially burdened Jason Kelley into this world of financing other people's dreams. He convinces Jason that to win in this business cheaters do prosper and everyone is doing it from the Appraisers to the Bond Traders. Jason throws his moral compass to the wind and spins out of control all the way the Mortgage Brokers convention in Las Vegas where he learns his new world is booming on a foundation of quicksand. The quagmire of ruin escalates into the indeterminate ending of both the film and the continuing saga of today's global economy. AMERICONS tells the story of a broken down collegiate football star who gets a shot at real-estate stardom during the eleventh hour of LA's nihilistic sub-prime mortgage boom.(C) Archstone

About Americons

Artist : Beau Martin Williams, Matt Funke, Trai Byers, Sam McMurray, Jon Gries, Cathy Shim
As : Jason Kelley, Devin Weiss, Theo Jones, Kerry Stein, Billy
Title : Ver Americons
Release date : 2015-01-23
Movie Code : 2293060
Duration : 88
Category : Action, Biography

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Firman Taruna NugrahaName : Firman Taruna Nugraha / Alias : Firman TR
Wow this movie is great, artist porn Cathy Shim play as suki. And actor Beau Martin Williams work fine and cool. Thanks for this site, for this movie. Action movie GREAT on 2015, i hope

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